Carbuncle Readme


Carbuncle Chat Lobby and Server Host Platform

1. In the first portion of the program, click the "Connect" tab. In this tab either a manual IP input or using the IP grab feature is necessary in order to have an address to connect to. Grab simply requests a list of IP addresses of all running instances of Carbuncle server.

2. Back to the "Details" tab, choose your desired details. The "Login" button serves as a registration function as well for new users. Remember your details for all consecutive logins -- the name color can be any value for each login.

3. In the "Chat" tab houses the chat lobby. There are four functions to it: chatting, /me, and /whisper [username], and /ignore [username] (which used twice will block then unblock the user).

4. The "Admin" tab contains the server hosting portal. The registration key will work for the duration of the service requested, and then will be discarded -- this can be obtained either through a free event or purchased through the shop website. Then the E-mail box requires a working address. The key will be saved in-between sessions.

5. Once the correct details have been input into the boxes, the "Hosting" tab will be update. The progress bar on the bottom left will signify when all the necessary details for hosting are input. For example, a Password is not required. World file uploading is possible.

6. When working with the server in the "Admin" tab, a Session ID is necessary. When the server is hosted, the ID will appear in the bottom right in the "Hosting" tab. The ID is saved in the Carbuncle root directory for future use under the name: "ServerID.ini".

7. The rest of the functions in the "Admin" tab become functional once an ID has been applied. World uploading and downloading are accessible through this tab and the key server config files can be modified.