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Welcome, server hosting will begin on January 1st. You may reserve a free 4 slot server by contacting me, or posting on the message board thread in the link at the bottom.

For general details about hosting, price variations, and options, visit the "SERVER DETAILS" link.

Servers available:
16, + 8 eight slot servers.

Free servers:
Currently for a limited time servers can be reserved for free, and will last for one month. To apply for this service, use the the Carbuncle client. Custom maps can also be uploaded through it.

No news about pricing.

Server News:

If you would like to test your connection (ping) to this location, find command prompt, or cmd, and type in 'ping'. This is a remote IP.

If you would like your reserved server to be listed in the panel on the left, email the address below. This goes for free servers, for the one month of uptime.

If you would like a number of slots, more than 8, and it's unavailable in the current listing, contact me.

Circle Prefect Hosting is located in the western United States.

History of Logo

Many years ago, my friends and I made videos with a point and shoot camera. I was Dirtbag, Joe Dirt, or Ricecake, my friend the Hunter, or Sushi, and another friend who occasionally showed up, Ricey.. Chicken? He was the voice dub-over. A friend filmed.

We needed a logo, so my friend (Sushi) made a flame, three little flames, and a black frame with our name under it.

To this day, I sort of admired it, so to carry on its.. existence... If you ever find the logo, you may find out the similarity.

As administers come on, flames may be added.

No, I won't upload those videos.

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